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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Veggie sandwiches & blue corn chips

Breakfast: smoothie with naners & celery. Excellent post-workout sports drink!
Lunch: smoothie with frozen naners, fresh naners, fresh mango, and mango nectar.

This evening was another simple dinner. Here is the sandwich station Mari set up:

I also served chips & salsa with the sandwich. I am sooo stoked about the salsas! I found them last week during our visit to the grocery stores in Xalapa. They're a new item and organic. The organic food market is slowly growing here in MX. Thanks to my lil electric scooter, I am able to go shopping at grocery stores where I can wheel around. I have a good eye for spotting quality products when out shopping. So right away, I spotted these bottles of organic salsas in red and green. They looked great and taste super delish. Some of the best bottled salsas I've ever had. And of course, they went perfectly with my favorite baked blue corn tortilla chips.

Dinner is served :)

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